Some Advice Before Turning Your Children’s Book into an App

There has never been a better time to turn your children’s book into an app. The market is growing, technology is becoming easily accessible to children, and you have wonderful resources like Authorly to help you make your final product perfect.

Carisa Kluver wrote the article “How to Create and Market a Children’s Book App –Presentation Highlights” after she attended Karen Robertson’s presentation. Kluver gives her readers the greatest takeaways from the meeting that I will summarize for you.

First and foremost, the market is constantly changing. Almost all book apps are relatively new, so there is significant room for new players to enter and capture the competitive advantage. This means that all authors must be willing to explore their creative potential in order to come up with fresh ideas. Timing is of the essence, and if you have a great story that would make an exciting and interactive app, get started on it now!



Additionally, the market is growing rapidly and can be unpredictable. This means that at any given moment, factors may come into play that we hadn’t anticipated. We should be flexible and willing to change aspects of our product.

When it comes down to it, Kluver really has one big piece of advice to offer her readers:

“The real crux of any GREAT book app is still a GREAT story. This is critical. The way the text, illustrations and storyline integrate together should be priority number one. Then consider how other ‘enhancements’ might suit the narrative. An obvious, but often missed aspect of ‘integrating’ all of the features in a digital book is also rather simple: make sure the things you add to your story app don’t distract from the story itself (or from each other). For instance, if something ‘bounces and wiggles’ when children tap it, but has no other relationship to the story, it may distract young readers from comprehending the plot.”

I think that Kluver has a very legitimate point in that the essence of all of these apps is to make reading a fun and interactive experience for children. Often times, we can get so carried away in our excitement that we forget that these products are designed for children. We want to capture their attention and allow them to enjoy the app without tempting them to become too distracted by all of the special features.

In conclusion, if you think that you have a story that you think you could turn into a great app, don’t wait! The market is hot right now and with the help of Authorly, your book can become an app in no time.

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